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*Ecko Unltd.

Evolving from just six t-shirts and a can of spray paint, *ecko unltd. has become a full-scale global fashion and lifestyle company. Founded in 1993 by Designer Marc Ecko, *ecko unltd. has fully established itself as one of todayís most innovative and successful lifestyle brands.

Marc Ecko began as an artist before he added Ď apparel designerí to his multifaceted creative abilities. During his time studying to be a pharmacist at Rutgers University, Marc began illustrating his sketches onto t-shirts. The power of Marcís imaginative art on 6 shirts created a global billion dollar empire encompassing apparel, entertainment, publishing, charity organizations + more.

'Powerful Art' - Replicated illustration of one of Marc's first 6 t-shirts


Ecko Unltd. is driven by a simple belief: that no one needs to be corralled into a single aesthetic. Itís a philosophy that takes the form of denim, tees, outerwear, woven shirts, knit shirts, watches, and hoodies that cut across a wide swath of youth culture, dedicated to giving young men a chance to be true to themselves. Itís a line that looks at the world with a voracious curiosity, finding inspiration at every turn. Skate culture? Check. Action sports? That too. Artist? Sure. Why be just one thing when you can be unlimited?

With strong roots in youth culture, *ecko unltd. as become the touchstone of a generation without boundaries. Successfully fusing designer, street, illustration, video game, and action sports, the company remains in a class of its own with an uninhibited pulse on emerging trends and talent.

Believing in the power of diversification, *ecko unltd. has distinguished itself worldwide through its ability to attract a loyal and multi-faceted client base. In the 15 years that have passed since its inception, the world famous rhino brand has expanded to include *ecko unltd. men's and Red by Marc Ecko, Ecko Function international women's apparel, as well as outerwear, footwear, watches, belts, bags, hats, small leather goods and more.

The strength of the *ecko unltd. brand is widely recognized through numerous partnerships with a host of powerhouse brands including Playboy, the NFL, the NCAA, Alfred Hitchcock, Jimi Hendrix, Marvel Comics, Bruce Lee, The Warriors and Star Wars among others.






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